Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Videos Show Impact of a Parent Training Program

A fine way to know how parenting training helps parents is to hear it in the words of parents who complete parent training programs.

A recent announcement about upcoming workshops to learn how to deliver the Effective Black Parenting Program includes videos of parents who graduated from the program. Two parents who were chosen to represent all the parents who took the program go before an auditorium full of other garduates and their families. They tell us -- from their hearts -- what they and their families got out of the program, and how important such programs are to communities.

The announcement also contains videos from a professional training workshop where new instructors were prepared to be leaders of the program. These educators, who were brought together at the end of a five day workshop, were equally as revealing and genuine as the parents who graduated from the program (see picture above).

Do take the time to view and hear the type of impact such programs have.

You will also learn about this national model program and how you and others can enroll in workshops in different cities to learn how to deliver the program to families in your communities.

Click here to view video.

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