Saturday, August 8, 2009

Family Time-Out from Technology

Author and Parent Advocate Sue Scheff writes on the website, "As a parent we need to be sure our teens are prepared not only with school supplies, but more importantly, with the self-esteem and motivation to have a fantastic academic and social year."

She goes on to say, "Parents and their teens need to take the time to open their lines of communication and turn off technology. Creating a “family-time-out” as part of your evening schedule can help you become more in tune to your child’s life; both at school and socially."

According to Sue, "Take at least 15 minutes each evening and turn off all electronics. Including TV, cell phones, Computers, telephones (don’t answer), radio, Ipods, etc. Many families find that doing this in the later evening is easier; around 8:30-9:00pm after dinner when parents are home from their jobs and have had time to unwind."

This is great advice. Give it a try.

I have also written about the need for parents to become managers of their children and teen's exposure to and use of technology and media. The best place to find my views on this particularly contemporary parenting challenge is in my latest book, The Positive Parent: Raising Healthy, Happy and Successful Children, Birth-Adolosecence (

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